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Malungai LifeOil is the first oil-based malunggay (moringa oleifera) food supplement in the world. Through the help of its main ingredient malunggay, it boosts, energizes, activates, and utilizes nutrients broken down from food to make sure your body gets the proper nutrition it deserves.


Enjoy all the Natural Goodness of Malunggay in One Small Capsule

Gram per gram


7 x more Vitamin C than Oranges

4 x more Vitamin A than Carrots

3 x more Potassium than Bananas

4 x more Calcium than Milk

3 x more Vitamin E than Almonds

3 x more Iron than Spinach

2 x more Protein than Yogurt


When it comes to your health, Malunggay oil has a lot more advantages than Malunggay Powder

Active Chlorophyll

It contains Active Chlorophyll which comes from green, leafy vegetables and helps our body absorb and metabolize better all the natural nutrients contained in LifeOil.

Naturally Contains Omega 3

Malunggay oil is a fatty acid that isn’t found in powder-filled capsules and has Omega-3 fatty acid which has many benefits for your health such as lower risk of heart disease and arthritis.

Fights Pathogens

Malunggay oil extract possesses good antimicrobial activity against numerous bacterial and fungal species which cause infection.

Rich in Vitamin E

Compared to Malunggay Powder, it has more Vitamin E which is an important antioxidant that protects your cells from damage.

How Our Supplement Works:

Malunggay is found to have vast number of uses by ancient societies. It has long been used for medicinal, nutritional, and industrial purposes. Recognizing its high nutritional value and its remarkable potential for human health improvement, it has been used to fight malnutrition in famine-prone regions of the world. LifeOil is made from pure Malunggay leaves and seed oil extract which contain various vitamins and minerals that help give your body the proper nutrition it needs without all the fuss of Malunggay-powder based supplements.



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Vegetables consist of the most important food group of what we eat. I happen to think that malunggay is the most complete vegetable. It has all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to fulfill our daily requirements. Fortunately for me, Malungai LifeOil extractive process has captured all these elements in its natural form. As a bonus, they did not leave out chlorophyll. Enough supplementary nutrients to sustain my dietary needs for the past 6 years!

Danny Javier

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Malunggay is rich in protein, it supports the recovery of muscle so as long as I'm doing training, I keep on taking LifeOil.

Kiko Matos
MMA Fighter

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Since we started taking it regularly, my parents’ sleeping habit has improved. Even my niece who is a swimmer, has more energy now! It’s how I feel too even if I sometimes sleep late at night.

Dondon Hontiveros
Basketball Player

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I am a mother of two, an entrepreneur, singer and an actress. My schedule is hectic as can be but ever since I started taking Life Oil regularly, I have the energy to fulfill all of my duties and still have leisure time for myself. Thank you, Life Oil! My not so secret savior! I just don’t look great, I feel greater too!

Karel Marquez
Actress, Singer

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It is a life supplement. It is something that keeps me balance because there is so much nutrients in LifeOil, and as an athlete I have to watch what I eat. I can’t eat too much, I eat multiple times throughout the day. I train a lot so i burn a lot of calories on a daily basis. I take two capsules a day and it really helps me keep my nutrient level balance in my body. Since I started taking LifeOil, I’ve seen my recovery system really improved.

Vince Sobrano
Muay Thai Fighter

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I gave my mom and all of a sudden, her diabetes was well-controlled, her hemoglobin was not down, she sleeps better. I think that’s the effect of high iron content in moringa. Her hemoglobin is well within normal.
DR. Danny Anastacio
Emergency Specialist
Malungai LifeOil works best in improving metabolism. It is a complementary therapy for diabetes, syndrome x, pre diabetes, gestational or at risk for gestational diabetes. For post delivery, it was also noted to be effective in promoting and sustaining lactation.
DR. Ryan Niño C. Padua
Internal Medicine - Adult Cardiology
When you take in the oil form of malunggay, you’re actually taking in superior quality nutrients that would be beneficial for you immune system to protect you from illness, to cure you from particular diseases and, most especially, to treat you and make you more of a performer in your daily activities.
DR. Marthony Basco
Child and Public Health Specialist


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Malungai LifeOil

LifeOil is a natural food supplement that’s derived from Malunggay, Nature’s “Miracle Plant”, in an easy to swallow capsule made out of gelatin. It’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals to help you have a healthier lifestyle. Take LifeOil everyday and experience all the benefits of Malunggay for a healthier and brighter you.

Malungai LifeOil Kids Stuff

LifeOil Kid Stuff is made from the same natural Malunggay oil extract found in LifeOil. Formulated for children ages 12 and below, LifeOil Kid Stuff comes in mango flavor which your kids are sure to love. LifeOil Kid Stuff contains all the nutrients of Malunggay beneficial to you child’s every day needy. Maximize your child’s full potential with LifeOil Kids.


Ingredient Facts

 Found mainly in malunggay seeds, Malunggay oil is a fatty acid which cannot be found in powder-filled capsules. It is also filled with Omega-3 fatty acid that is vital for your body to function.

LifeOil contains active Chlorophyll, an essential nutrient found in green leafy vegetables. It also has enzymes that help our body absorb and utilize natural nutrients in the food that we eat.

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