For a Smooth Skin and a Strong Immune System, Take Vitamin E

It’s safe to say that almost everyone wants to have a smooth, unblemished skin. At the same time, people aspire for a strong immune system that can ward off diseases while helping to keep their bodies healthy and active. One nutrient that can make them attain both is Vitamin E.

If you think about carefully, the care for one’s skin and immune system can be interlinked. First, the skin has been called and regarded as our body’s most dominant and visible organ. It covers all parts of our body from head to toe, and removal of it in any body part is not just agonizing but leaves the internal organs and tissues vulnerable and unsafe. Because it is an external tissue, the skin is also our first line of defense against the encroachment of viruses and harmful toxins. These elements have to pierce the epidermis first before they can infiltrate our blood stream. Finally, and again because it is an external tissue, the skin is always exposed to risk factors like dirt, pollutants, a too hot sun, or the downpour of rain – all of which can bring about illnesses like fevers and the flu.


Now let’s go to the immune system. If the skin is the external shield or forcefield that prevents harmful outsiders from entering our body, the immune system is the inner weapon that can repel the attack if these invaders do succeed in their entry. The immune system fortifies all our physiological systems and makes them resistant to the effects being caused by the disease. One patient’s capacity to heal and recover might be higher than the other person beside him, suffering the same condition. One mitigating factor tis the strength of their respective immune systems.

Where does Vitamin E come in all this?

One important thing to remember is that Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant. It is made and produced by the human body to detect any intrusion of a toxin or a damaging substance and neutralize its harmful consequences.

These Vitamin E benefits cascade to the protection of the skin. It nourishes the skin cells and can help the entire skin acquire a glowing, attractive complexion. In as much as the Vitamin E repels the toxins inside the body, it does the same to those that have lodged on this external organ. A healthy dose of this nutrient can also help in addressing the natural effects of aging on the skin, such as removing unattractive wrinkles.

In short, take regular and substantial amounts of Vitamin E and you ensure protection both for your inner support system and your external most prominent organ.

Vitamin E foods are usually the green leafy vegetables that we have been encouraged to eat since childhood. These include broccoli, spinach, soybean, malunggay, and sunflower. Nuts like almonds and peanuts are also highly recommended. Breakfast favorites like cereals, margarine, and fruit juices also have Vitamin E.

One way to make sure that you take Vitamin E without fail is a daily dosage of the malunggay supplement called LifeOil. It can be downed in one gulp. Taken during breakfast, it will also give you the energy to set your day and maintain your productivity. It can also enhance the strength of your skin and immune system.