Protein in Malunggay: Gym Goers Secret

Protein – it’s the one nutrient that exercise buffs and health aficionados can’t seem to get enough of. They drink its energy drinks and consume its delicious bars after a tiring workout. It is the one food element that can help them maintain their rigid regimen and even accelerate it. It has come to the point that they are asking for other sources where they can get it, aside from the usual shakes. That’s why coaches, trainers, and even doctors are prescribing malunggay for gym goers. The protein in malunggay can give them the extra energy and strength they need, without making them hunt for it in wet markets and health stores.

One capsule of malunggay every day, before or after the workout, should do the trick.
First, why is protein vital to gym goers who lift weights, run tracks, and generally go into strict and strenuous physical training? What makes it in high demand to these athletes and fitness warriors? Why do they take more of it than the average person who works a desk job from 9 am to 5 pm?

That’s because training and gym work takes a lot more from the human body, especially if you do it two to three times a week. Composed of amino acids, protein contains the elements vital to human life and for a body to continue operating in good health: nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. It is the fuel that gives you the extra boost you need to do the regimen. It also protects your body from the normal wear and tear that the strain of exercise does to it.

Without protein, the human body gets easily tired, loses weight, reduces mass muscle, and becomes vulnerable to oxidants, pollution, and illness.

These are the usual reasons why protein is a must for these gym goers:

  • It repairs the muscles that can take a beating during the more strenuous parts of the exercise.
  • It stimulates cell growth and brings about healing.
  • It supports the nerve system and empowers the body to handle any form of physical and mental stress while it does the exercise.
  • It unleashes the extra energy that the body needs to complete the activity once the fatiguestarts to set in.

How does malunggay fit into this routine and help the gym buff become more energetic? How does it help the athlete become more competitive?

The advise of our parents to take malunggay as part of our vegetable diet while we were growing up was sound advice. (Maybe today’s parents should do the same.) This plant contains significant amounts of protein that is natural and undiluted.

According to the Technology Advisory Notes of the Philippine Department of Agriculture:

Fresh leaves can boast of 6.7 grams of this same nutrient. The quality of the protein in malunggay is also uniformly high: it can match that of the purity usually found in eggs and milk. One cup of cooked malunggay is still said to have 3.1 grams.

What makes malunggay consumption easier for gym buffs is that it is available now in capsule form. The capsules are found in supermarket shelves, removing the need to look for malunggay in the wet market. Gym buffs can make malunggay their secret weapon in malunggay production and their key to physical fitness.  Click here for more.