Potassium: Why knowing your Blood Pressure and Fluid Level is Important?

Almost every working adult today understands the importance of keeping an even blood pressure. He or she also recognizes that dehydration can weaken their body and sap their energy. That’s why they need to drink a  lot of water and maintain their fluid level at a balance. What they know very little about, however, is that there is one mineral that can do both for their concerned physiological systems at the same time: potassium. It prevents blood pressure from rising and thus can indirectly also act as a deterrent against hypertension. At the same time, it assists the kidneys from accumulating too much urine and thus flush out excessive levels of it.

There are two things that are important to understand and remember about this mineral. First it is an electrolyte that travels throughout the body and carries its electrical impulses that keep those body parts moving and healthy. Second, it is not natural to the human body. Unlike calcium, for example, potassium is not produced internally by our physiological systems. As such, it must be consumed regularly and consciously. That means people who want to maintain a healthy blood pressure level as well as an equilibrium of their water levels must make a conscious effort and habit to consume foods rich with this mineral.

Where can a health buff and/or a concerned parent who wants his child to grow up healthy find potassium? They can start with eating whole grains, beans, and nuts for breakfast. Lunch and dinner can serve lean meats complemented by leafy green vegetables as well as carrots and potatoes. If you prefer fish to meat, then cups of tuna can help you meet your quota of potassium. Meanwhile, those who love their desserts can disregard their junk food and replace them with luscious fruits such as bananas, apricots, and pineapples.

Drinks that are rich in potassium include orange juice, fat-free milk, and yoghurt.

While having these potassium food items in your diet is highly recommended, it can be a chore just to make sure that they are always in your shopping basket. To maintain the right potassium levels, adults should consume or take in 4,700 milligrams of it a day. It would be hard to remember those numbers in going to the supermarket or wet market. One convenient way to ingest potassium into your system daily is by taking at least two tablets of Life Oil every morning. Life Oil is an easy-to-consume supplement derived from the popular and healthy plant malunggay; among the many nutrients it contains is potassium.

There are advantages to adapting the unfailing consumption of potassium as a daily activity, aside from the ones mentioned above. It strengthen your bones, power up your muscles, and prevent the latter from contracting or suffering injury during intense physical activities. It can also help ensure that you have enough energy everyday and block fatigue and physical weakness from setting in. Because potassium also helps the kidneys function at optimum level, your digestive system would not succumb to constipation.

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