Immune system boosters and stress busters for on-the-go professionals

Stress. That’s the number one hurdle that on-the-go professionals have to deal with every single day. Even their more relaxed colleagues who prefer a more balanced lifestyle cannot avoid the pressures that come with family and work. And when stress becomes too hard to handle, that’s when they start experiencing a variety of symptoms. For some, the effects target their emotions; they become cranky, irritable, angry, and nervous. Others get sick and find that their resistance against illnesses has gone down. Some of the more unfortunate ones experience both physical and emotional effects. Regardless of the category they fall under, though, all these professionals can use immune system boosters – not just to prevent disease and depression, but to help them become productive and happy.

Natural Stress Relievers and Immune Boosters

Two vitamins are natural immune-boosters and stress-relievers for those who find themselves juggling a lot of responsibilities: Vitamins A and C. Many people tend to associate vitamin A with overall health and Vitamin C as a shield against the usual cough and colds, but they give their consumers a lot more benefits than they might suspect.

For those who want to want have a healthy heart and a clear mind operating in a body filled with energy, there is one source where they can get both Vitamins A and C: the vegetable known as malunggay.

Vitamin A

This vitamin stands guard against the toxins that flush your body especially when the next crushing schedule causes you to neglect your diet, exercise, and regular sleep. Toxins come in the form of pollution and toxic materials that are present in the home and workplace. They can weaken your system without your realizing it, unless you consume lots of Vitamin A. Vitamin A has also been known to bring energy to tired bodies and restore concentration and focus to tired minds. It is what the doctor has ordered especially during backbreaking workloads and nerve-wracking competitive campaigns.

Vitamin C

This vitamin lessens the stress you feel because it reduces the amount of cortisol that flows through your system during the tough moments in your life. Cortisol is the substance that is triggered by our adrenal glands and which results in an experience known as ‘fight-or-flight.’ During those times that stress your patience and your endurance, the cortisol in your body pushes you to either hold your ground and win the battle, or fly at high speed to create some kind of distance between yourself and the problem. That is how humans – and animals – have coped with the threats that can endanger their lives. While cortisol does act like an emergency device, it can also wear you out, leading to side effects like headaches, chronic fatigue, or sadness and depression.

Vitamin C contains and even reduces the cortisol that prompts you to act like you’re always on emergency mode. As a result, calmness sets in, and so does clarity of mind. You can feel more confident and clear-headed in solving your problem without snapping at your nearest colleague or going into a food feast.

Malunggay contains significant amounts of both Vitamin A and C in its leaves. If you want a regular dose or portions of it to weather your daily stress, there is no need for you to shop for the plant in your next-door market. Click the link to know more about LifeOil and the nutrients of malunggay in easy-to-consume tablets.

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