Essential Training Tips for your Body Type

There are three body types these are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. Knowing your body type allows you to follow a more effective workout and diet program.

Knowing your body type is a good step before you start a new diet and workout program. Identifying your body type allows you to create a workout and meal plan that matches your body needs, and set attainable and realistic goals.


Basically there are three types:  ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.  Most people will associate their body shape to a particular body type. However it is common to fall not just under one category.  Aside from genetics – lifestyle, health history and training type plays huge role in your overall health status and physical look.

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ECTOMORPHBody Type Ectomorph

Common physical trait of an ectomorph is having a thin/narrow frame body.  Their metabolism is fast that even when they eat more food they still maintain the same body built. Gaining muscle is a challenge to most ectomorphs, because of this they are dubbed as “hardgainers”.

Aside from their natural thin body, ectomorphs tend to have lean build, long limbs and small muscle bellies.  When an ectomorph is able to gain weight their look is still skinny.

Despite having a skinny body type this does not mean that ectomorphs are destined to be weak. One of the tips for this body type is too constantly eat high volume of nutritious food.


Mesomorph Body Type

Most people would want to have the mesomorph body type and that is not surprising. Typical traits of a mesomorph are wide shoulders, a narrow waist, relatively thin joints, and round muscle bellies.  This means that mesomorphs have more tendency to muscular and fit.

This does not mean that mesomorphs can live a sedentary lifestyle and enjoy binge eating without worrying about health.  Mesomorphs still needs to follow a healthy lifestyle paired with a good program of workout.

However their body being naturally athletic enables them to recover faster than the other two.


Endomorph Body Type

An ectomorph body type finds it easy to gain weight.  Common trait of an endomorph is having wider shoulders compared to an ecto and meso, in some cases mesomorphs have wide hips and shorter limbs.  Though they may have more muscles compared to the other two,an endomorph struggle is that muscle gain is often accompanied by an increase in body fat.

Their additional muscle mass may make them stronger to the other body types.  The real challenge starts when an endomorph decides to shred weight and aim for a leaner body.


No one can actually tell you what your goals should be, the truth is only you can set your body shape or overall fitness goals.  Strongman Terry Holland used to be a poster boy for endomorphs but now sports a well chiseled upper body. NBA legend Reggie Miller who is obviously an ectomorph but played well against with other NBA players who are bigger and wider than.

Terry Holland before and after
Strongman Terry Holland

You body type should not be the reason to limit the things you can do, instead it should guide you in attaining your health goals.

Ectomorphs are advised to do heavy weight lifting workouts.  Consuming good amount of proteins, carbs and healthy fat is recommended for this body type.

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Mesomorph can enjoy more varied training from light to heavy weight lifting and cardio workout. Although this body type gains fat slower than an endomorph, this does not mean gaining fat is impossible.

Endomorph can keep their body fat low with a high amount of quality cardio exercises (running, swimming, hiking, etc.).  Weight training is also recommended for an endomorph for muscle building. Monitoring the food intake is also important for this body type.


There are instances that a person may show traits combining two body types.  A good example is: A person who is an endomorph but have thin legs may identify himself as a mesomorph.  Misconceptions like this may result to a poor diet and mismatched workout program.

That is why it is important to know which type (or types) you fall into. Once you identify your type(s) then you can consult a health expert or your personal trainer to create a program that focuses on your body type.

Once your custom workout and diet program is ready you are good to start your journey to a healthier and better version of you!